Family & ethical debate

  • Family relationships and ethical issues such as Euthanasia and Death Penalty 

Science & Technology

  • Topical issues such as cloning, IT & Technological developments .


  • The worlds scourge, including reports from 11th September and ETA


  • Spain's Culture and heritage

Current Affairs 

  • Other current issues arising periodically


  • Problems with overcrowding in schools and over qualification  in its students


  • Domestic violence as well as the increase in street crime

Racism & Immigration

  • Issues surrounding integration of immigrants, their problems and Spain's struggle


  • Spain suffers greatly from a high unemployment rate

Sport & Leisure 

  • Sport and exercise, football and the Spanish plus music and other leisure stories

Health issues & Fitness 

  • Diet, exercise and health related illness such as Smoking, Drugs, Aids

The media 

  • Impact of global media, Press,TV, radio and advertising

The environment 

  • Problem of Ozone layer, Global warming and localised pollution issues


  • The make up of the Spanish political system and the international context


  • European issues including the introduction of the Euro


  • Drugs in the international context. Trafficking and drug money

Transport & accidents

  • Transport issues and disasters and problems

Food and drink

  • Food and Drink / Spanish delicacies / cultural delights